Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black & Neon

Curled my red hair again because a lot of people said that it looks good on me. Hehe. My friend even told me that.. "Just because it suits you, doesn't mean you have to curl your hair every time you go out."  Hahaha! Oops sorry, not sorry :)

I wore this outfit at my little cousin's 2nd birthday held at the One Corporate Centre, Ortigas. That black top is one of my faves! I called it "The Genie Top"  because it looks like one. As I've said at my previous post, anything print goes perfect with anything plain, so I paired it with a neon bandage skirt.

Neon bandage skirt- Vogue District
(Click the link at the side bar to check Vogue District's page.)

Mini bag- Zara

Black-Genie top- Centris Bazaar
Neon collar necklace- Girl Shoppe

Rings- Vogue District
Gold watch- DKNY

Neon lace flats- Solemate

Since the genie top is plain black, I wore a neon collar necklace plus a neon flats so it'll match the skirt. I'm really fond of wearing neon clothes or accessories and I don't know why but I love it. Hahaha! Black and neon colors looks nice together, so you guys better try it! :)

(P.S. My hair is really red in person but the light effects turned it to brown.)

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Casual yet Fab!

Apart from skirts, I'm fond of wearing shorts when I go out. Casual yet fab! Shorts are also "less-worry" that's why I love them. You might notice that I'm into clothes that are comfortable and "less-worry." It is because if you're comfortable with what you wear then you can carry yourself perfectly.

I wore a high-waisted buttoned shorts and paired it with an aztec shirt. Anything print goes perfect with anything plain. I usually wear these kinds of outfits because I can easily move + simplicity is beauty! Hehe (Photos are taken last Sunday.)

Aztec shirt- Vogue District
High-waisted shorts- B. Equipment
Sneakers- Keds


Monday, July 22, 2013

Super Sale Bazaar

The Mid-year Super Sale Bazaar was held at the World Trade Center last July 12 to 14, 2013. 
Super Sale Bazaar is one of the longest Bazaar Series in Metro. 

Vogue District officially opened last March 14, 2013. It is manage by 5 Voguish ladies who shared the same interest in clothes and accessories. Vogue District is a start-up online clothing shop which gives a one-of-a-kind style for all young (or feeling young) women & men out there. 

Most people usually buy clothes at branded stores. But it's not really about the brand, it's about style. It's how you carry yourself and the clothes you wear. Having a unique sense of style makes you stand out among the rest. A lot of people have a hard time looking for a high quality clothes with an affordable price... That's why, Vogue District is here to help you guys! They have  high quality clothes which you'll actually love yet the price is very reasonable.

Vogue District second bazaar at the Mid-year Super Sale Bazaar at World Trade Center!

Certified Voguish Ladies!

Bloggers and celebrities at Vogue District's booth!

Watch out for their 3rd bazaar this year! I'll keep you guys updated about it :)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Curly Sunday

My hair looked weird when it dried up this morning, so, I decided to curl it. And luckily, it suits me! Plus, the curls add up a prominent look to my red hair. Yay!

I like wearing bandage skirts because I can freely move. Unlike the other skirts, wherein you have to hold it just so the wind couldn't blow it up. Bandage skirts are "less-worry" skirts. Hehe

You might notice that I'm fond of wearing clothes that has a sort-of Indian or African prints. Kinda old-school but it looks adorable! So hooked with these kinds of prints!

Besides the flat shoes, I'm a super fan of Keds!! Totally in love with their shoes. I like pairing it with skirts or dresses because it looks so cute. It's like a not-so-girly-look yet superb, which I really really like... No, I love it actually. Try pairing your sneakers with skirts or dresses!!

Blouse- Vogue District
Bandage skirt- Bazaar
Sneakers- Keds

Love Lots, A

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Red Hair 101

Fulfilled my dream of having a red hair. A lot of people tells me that it looks good on me but my Mom and my sister tells me the opposite. But I don't care, I love it! Hahaha no regrets!! #bucketlist

I'm wearing an old-school jumper shirt paired with an aztec skirt. I actually love the print on the shirt plus the jumper thingy on it, such a cutie! The shirt goes perfect with the aztec skirt, it kinda looks like a modern African get-up. And my red hair totally adds a detail in this attire.

I usually match my outfits with a colored flats. They're lovely yet comfy :)

Jumper shirt- Eastwood bazaar
Aztec skirt- St. Francis Square
Flats- Solemate
Colorful telephone wire bracelets- Vogue District

Love lots,  A