Friday, April 12, 2013

Vogue District Clothing

Vogue District is a start-up online clothing company in the Philippines. We're giving one of a kind style that you would definitely love. This style is inspired by all young women and mean out there.


Vision statement

Vogue District’s vision is to be the top chosen online clothing company in the Philippines which people look up to. 

Mission statement

Our mission is to exceed the customer’s expectations, to operate as the best online clothing company, and to provide best service at all times.


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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Blogger Wannabe

Many of you might be wondering why did I create another blog site. Well, my first blog is all about my deepest darkest secrets that only my trusted friends can read it and this one is a whoever-wants-to-read-blog. Yes, you can say that I'm kinda bored with my life right now that's why I try to put everything I think into words. So, I would like to warn everyone who'll be reading my next posts because I'll be writing anything under the sun. Unlike other blogs, they only post a specific category but mine's different. I'll blog things about fashion, food, people, life experiences, places or anything I want. And don't be surprised if you'll see weird stuff in my blog because the blogger itself is weird.

I entitled this post "The Blogger Wannabe" because just like every other bloggers out there, I also want to share my life experiences with everyone. But don't you guys expect too much because I'm not that good in writing. There are times that I can't put into words what I really wanted to say. You guys might be confused. But still, please do try to understand me. Haha!

I didn't create this blog because I was inspired by the famous bloggers but instead I create this for my friends. Since I can't catch up with everyone, at least with the things that I post here can help them be updated with me. And on the other hand, I guess you guys can leave comments or messages to keep me updated too :)
You guys ready for my next post? Watch out for it!