Friday, April 5, 2013

The Blogger Wannabe

Many of you might be wondering why did I create another blog site. Well, my first blog is all about my deepest darkest secrets that only my trusted friends can read it and this one is a whoever-wants-to-read-blog. Yes, you can say that I'm kinda bored with my life right now that's why I try to put everything I think into words. So, I would like to warn everyone who'll be reading my next posts because I'll be writing anything under the sun. Unlike other blogs, they only post a specific category but mine's different. I'll blog things about fashion, food, people, life experiences, places or anything I want. And don't be surprised if you'll see weird stuff in my blog because the blogger itself is weird.

I entitled this post "The Blogger Wannabe" because just like every other bloggers out there, I also want to share my life experiences with everyone. But don't you guys expect too much because I'm not that good in writing. There are times that I can't put into words what I really wanted to say. You guys might be confused. But still, please do try to understand me. Haha!

I didn't create this blog because I was inspired by the famous bloggers but instead I create this for my friends. Since I can't catch up with everyone, at least with the things that I post here can help them be updated with me. And on the other hand, I guess you guys can leave comments or messages to keep me updated too :)
You guys ready for my next post? Watch out for it!