Sunday, July 21, 2013

Curly Sunday

My hair looked weird when it dried up this morning, so, I decided to curl it. And luckily, it suits me! Plus, the curls add up a prominent look to my red hair. Yay!

I like wearing bandage skirts because I can freely move. Unlike the other skirts, wherein you have to hold it just so the wind couldn't blow it up. Bandage skirts are "less-worry" skirts. Hehe

You might notice that I'm fond of wearing clothes that has a sort-of Indian or African prints. Kinda old-school but it looks adorable! So hooked with these kinds of prints!

Besides the flat shoes, I'm a super fan of Keds!! Totally in love with their shoes. I like pairing it with skirts or dresses because it looks so cute. It's like a not-so-girly-look yet superb, which I really really like... No, I love it actually. Try pairing your sneakers with skirts or dresses!!

Blouse- Vogue District
Bandage skirt- Bazaar
Sneakers- Keds

Love Lots, A