Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black & Neon

Curled my red hair again because a lot of people said that it looks good on me. Hehe. My friend even told me that.. "Just because it suits you, doesn't mean you have to curl your hair every time you go out."  Hahaha! Oops sorry, not sorry :)

I wore this outfit at my little cousin's 2nd birthday held at the One Corporate Centre, Ortigas. That black top is one of my faves! I called it "The Genie Top"  because it looks like one. As I've said at my previous post, anything print goes perfect with anything plain, so I paired it with a neon bandage skirt.

Neon bandage skirt- Vogue District
(Click the link at the side bar to check Vogue District's page.)

Mini bag- Zara

Black-Genie top- Centris Bazaar
Neon collar necklace- Girl Shoppe

Rings- Vogue District
Gold watch- DKNY

Neon lace flats- Solemate

Since the genie top is plain black, I wore a neon collar necklace plus a neon flats so it'll match the skirt. I'm really fond of wearing neon clothes or accessories and I don't know why but I love it. Hahaha! Black and neon colors looks nice together, so you guys better try it! :)

(P.S. My hair is really red in person but the light effects turned it to brown.)

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